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Alta Scientific Ltd. was established in 2011, located in Tianjin Binhai New Area TEDA Economic and Technological Development Zone, the United States A Chemtek company designated Chinese partners, the United States returned overseas students team founded the Tianjin municipal hi-tech enterprises and state-level high-tech Technology companies, chairman of Dr. Zhang Lei Tianjin thousands of people for the program experts. The company received the Tianjin, Binhai New Area and the development zone and other government departments at all levels of strong support, access to the Ministry of Science and Technology start-up funds and entrepreneurship support fund, Tianjin Science and Technology Innovation Fund, Binhai New Area incubation fund and other funding. The company has a complete fine organic synthesis equipment, modern precision analytical instruments, well-trained research and development and service team, the international management and strict production processes. With the United States A ChemTek and the most powerful R & D institutions and analytical testing center, committed to its own intellectual property rights FirstStandard standard and standard reference materials development and localization, has been authorized trademark 2, the invention patent 5 Project, has developed more than a thousand kinds of stable quality, reliable analysis of organic chemical standard reference pure product, standard solution and a variety of mixed solution, the product covers food testing, environmental monitoring, pharmaceutical research and development, veterinary residue analysis, pesticide residue analysis (CoA), analysis and testing data, MSDS, storage records, traceable, quality and international brands similar to similar products, and for customers (such as the quality of the standard, To provide fast transport, professional technical support and personalized service. The company has obtained ISO 9001 quality management system certification, ongoing ISO 17025, Guide 34 and national standard material certification work. Alta technology R & D and production technology and FirstStandard standards of access to the standard industry at home and abroad top scientific research institutions, enterprises and experts recognized, expect to benefit more domestic and foreign customers to high-quality products, reliable quality and reasonable price , Responsible attitude, mutual respect for the relationship with the majority of customers win-win cooperation.

Alta technology to obtain the 2012 Tianjin Science and Technology SME certificate, 2013 students Pioneering Park 100 companies the most entrepreneurial potential award, 2015 national quality integrity benchmarking typical enterprises, 2015 national high-tech enterprises and Tianjin high-tech enterprise.

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About ChemTek Inc.

A Chemtek Inc. United States was founded in 2008 in Worcester, Massachusetts, specializing in the development and production of high-end R & D and analytical reagents at a reasonable price and excellent service to help customers around the world. produce. Convenient, economical, efficient and rapid products and services is our consistent purpose. A ChemTek offers more than 40,000 special R & D and analytical reagents for customers worldwide, with production capacities ranging from milligrams to kilograms. All products are provided with rigorous analytical testing, providing CoA, MSDS, analytical testing reports to ensure high quality of products and services, winning thousands of loyal customers, including the world's largest reagent companies such as Sigma-Aldrich, the largest Biomedical companies such as Pfizer, Merck, Celgene et al., Top academic and research institutions such as Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Columbia University. Tianjin Alta Technology Co., Ltd. is an important partner of A Chemtek Inc. in China, responsible for Alictek's business development in China, analysis and testing of organic standard sales and technical support.

A ChemTek products include: synthetic reagents and intermediates, amino acids and derivatives, biological activity reference, natural products, First Standards® brand standard (China agent: Tianjin Alta Scientific Ltd.)

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