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News >> First Standard® introduced 41 kinds of glucocorticoid mix standard
First Standard® introduced 41 kinds of glucocorticoid mix standard
17-12-12 16:18

Sugar corticosteroids are steroidal compounds, has a strong anti-inflammatory anti-allergic effect, some cosmetics companies blind pursuit of product effects, in which the addition of glucocorticoids, short-term use can improve the skin, to achieve the effect of whitening, rejuvenation , Long-term use is likely to lead to hormone face, like opium in general, so once stopped using the phenomenon of rebound, resulting in burning pain, erythema, pimples, capillaries, expansion and a series of serious problems. 2007 Ministry of Health promulgated the Cosmetics Hygiene Code clearly prohibits the addition of glucocorticoid substances in cosmetics.

In recent years, cosmetics in the detection of glucocorticoids has been a great concern, China `s standard GB / T 24800.2-2009 cosmetics in the forty-one glucocorticoid determination of liquid chromatography / tandem mass spectrometry and thin layer chromatography The standard method for the determination of glucocorticoids in cosmetics was determined. The detection limit was 0.03 μg / g and the limit of quantification was 0.1 μg / g. The standard thin layer chromatography method is suitable for the qualitative screening of glucocorticoids in cosmetics. When the amount of sample is 10 mg, the detection limit is 50μg / g. When the sample size is 20mg, the detection limit is 25μg / g

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