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Product Number Product Name CAS #
1ST7301 Malachite green oxalate salt 2437-29-8
1ST7301D5 Malachite green-d5 picrate 1258668-21-1
1ST7303 Leucomalachite green 129-73-7
1ST7303D6 Leucomalachite green-d6 1173021-13-0
1ST7307 Crystal Violet 548-62-9
1ST7308 Leucocrystal violet 603-48-5
1ST7303-100M Leucomalachite green Solution, 100pm 129-73-7
1ST7307-100M Crystal Violet Solution, 100pm 548-62-9
1ST7308-100M Leucocrystal violet Solution in Methanol, 100μg/mL 603-48-5
1ST7307D6-100M Crystal Violet-d6 Solution in Methanol, 100μg/mL 1266676-01-0
1ST9222-100M 4 Malachite Green & Crystal Violet Mix Solution in Methanol, 100μg/mL NA
1ST7301D5-100M Malachite green-d5 picrate Solution in Methanol, 100μg/mL 1258668-21-1
1ST7303D6-100M Leucomalachite green-d6 Solution in Methanol, 100μg/mL 1173021-13-0
1ST7301-100A Malachite green oxalate salt Solution in Acetonitrile, 100μg/mL 2437-29-8
1ST7303-1000M Leucomalachite green Solution in Methanol, 1000μg/mL 129-73-7
1ST7307-100A Crystal Violet Solution, 100pm 548-62-9
1ST7303-100A Leucomalachite green Solution in Acetonitrile, 100μg/mL 129-73-7
1ST7303D6-100A Leucomalachite green-d6 Solution in Acetonitrile, 100μg/mL 1173021-13-0
1ST7301D5-100A Malachite green-d5 picrate Solution in Acetonitrile, 100μg/mL 1258668-21-1
1ST7307-1000M Crystal violet Solution in Methanol, 1000μg/mL 548-62-9
1ST7308D6-100 Leucocrystal Violet-D6 Solution, 100μg/mL 1173023-92-1
1ST7308D6 Leucocrystal violet-d6 1173023-92-1
1ST7307D6 Crystal Violet-d6 1266676-01-0
1ST7309D12 Malachite green chloride-d12 1415670-84-6
1ST7303D5 Leucomalachite green-d5 947601-82-3
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