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Tianjin Alta Scientific Ltd., China's organic standard industry pioneer, the first domestic organic standard development of state-level high-tech enterprises and Tianjin municipal high-tech enterprises, relying on a strong professional background and technical strength, Standards and the development and production of mixed standard solutions. Alta technology established the domestic advanced level of research and development platform, analysis and testing center and standard automation production line, with fine organic synthesis laboratory, medium pressure, high pressure automatic purification device, freeze drying instrument, anhydrous oxygen handling box and other equipment, high Flux HPLC, LCMS, GCMS and other analytical instruments, one hundred thousandth and one thousandth of the precision balance, the standard automatic production line, SciFinder, the national science and technology management information platform and other professional literature database, and the United States A Chemtek company and the most domestic With the strength of scientific research institutes, analysis and testing institutions, foreign well-known equipment manufacturers, for domestic and foreign food, environment, health care, health care, health and other public security areas to provide fast, reliable, high-quality products and services, to provide professional Solutions and personalized customization services.

Standard Customization Services: Alta has developed a number of products that meet the quality standards and requirements of a standard material, a secondary standard substance, a USP standard, a Chinese Pharmacopoeia standard, a mass spectrometry calibration standard, a reference standard, And continue to develop and analyze the needs of the market, the shortage of standard products, such as the role of labeled compounds, mycotoxins, phytotoxins, marine toxins, and special organic compounds for customers to solve the difficult problem, for your research and analysis work to provide strong stand by.

Single-standard solution customized service: According to the customer testing methods and the special requirements of the experiment, to provide the specified solvent, the specified concentration, specify the standard packaging solution to facilitate the use and preservation of customers, save the preparation time, to avoid sample waste and reduce testing costs.

Mixing standard solution: The preparation of a mixed standard solution is a unique specialty that requires full knowledge of the physical and chemical properties and interactions of each product to be prepared. Alta technology focused on the organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry, pesticide chemistry, standard preparation and other professional talents, each mixed solution preparation have been rigorous demonstration and rigorous experiments to ensure the stability of mixed solution And the accuracy of the value. The use of Alta Technology to provide mixed-standard solution products and customized services will save you a lot of standard procurement costs, save the time to weigh and configure the solution to reduce the physical and chemical properties of the compound and the lack of cognitive errors caused by the interaction , To avoid the waste of raw materials and manpower due to weighing and configuration problems, to eliminate unnecessary waste from the problem of raw material expiration and solution seal preservation, so that you can use the valuable time for the most important things to improve Work efficiency, output more fruitful results.

Cooperation and win-win: Alta technology to use their own technological advantages of the introduction of standard products and processing services business for the standard production or sales unit standard pure product and solution processing and production, and jointly promote the development of domestic standard products for the analysis and testing Provide reliable protection.

Alta Technology Co., Ltd., China's organic standards industry pioneer.

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